Backdek’s journey began with the need to find good and practical solutions for the backyard. Our experienced team started looking for ways to use thermally modified wood for various backyard solutions. The basis of our products is the patented deck and floor module which has unlimited options of use. Our dedication to woodworking and beautiful design has been the key in creating every Backdek product.


We prefer thermowood for several reasons. Thermowood is a natural material that has been treated at high temperatures without the use of chemicals. This makes the wood more resistant to moisture, mould and insects, and ensures its long-term use. In addition, thermowood has a beautiful colour and characteristic textures that highlight the uniqueness of our products.


Our main goal is to offer our customers high-quality products, to ensure that we work closely with partners who share the same values. In addition, we are an environmentally friendly company and prefer to use thermally modified wood which supports the ecological balance and responsible use of natural resources. The thermowood is treated by TMW Termopuit, protected by Osmo Eesti and the high-quality of fasteners comes from Essve product range.